Why Many Choose to Conserve Energy

  • Climate change
  • Protect and preserve the environment
  • Moral principles
  • Because energy is getting expensive
  • Because laws, regulations, and codes are forcing me to…
  • Because conservation brings down prices

The Progression of Energy Technology

  • Wood, animal fats (tallow, whale oil)
  • Coal
  • Oil, gasoline
  • Nuclear fuel
  • Solar photovoltaic, wind, and hydro-electric
  • Every transition has been marked by optimistic projections…

Impacts of Energy and Buildings

  • Energy production and use account for nearly 80% of air pollution, more than 88% of greenhouse gas emissions, and more environmental damage than any other human activity.
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings in the United States are responsible for:
    • 74.5% of electricity consumption
    • 50.1% of total energy flows
    • 49.1% of CO2 emissions
    • 50% of the CFC emissions

Overall, energy consumption by the building sector continues to increase.

Energy Use by Sector