SEDAC has an objective to support DCEO’s goals of energy education throughout the state and to coordinate energy auditor training to SEDAC staff and partners.

Description of Program

SEDAC has had a history of market transformation through energy education across the state. This has been performed through a series of public sector workshops, webinars, and presentations to community groups. These modules represent portions of these trainings that have been selected for online development. The order and the area of focus is up to the user and can be started or stopped at will. Users can choose an area of specialty and take comprehension tests in those areas, or pick and choose from multiple disciplines.


Content is continually being developed and will be announced through the SEDAC newsletter and email. Check back again soon.

There are currently three online training modules. The content material is freely available to the public, however to register to take the quiz for learning credits, please complete this form OR contact