Services provided in an energy assessment depend on a building’s characteristics and its specific energy uses—as well as the owner’s requirements. SEDAC performs energy assessments for both existing buildings and new construction. A SEDAC energy assessment offers four levels of service that range in complexity … from a quick identification of areas for energy savings to technical support for implementing detailed recommendations based on the owner’s specific criteria.

All services from SEDAC are funded through Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) and are free of charge for customers in the Ameren Illinois, ComEd, Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas, and Peoples Gas utility service areas.

Refer to the following descriptions of SEDAC Energy Assessment services. We encourage you to call for more information: 800.214.7954.

Application available in PDF

SEDAC requires an application for Level 2 and 3 services. Level 1 services arenprovided without an application and Level 4 services are offered as a follow-up to Level 1,2, or 3 services.

4 Levels of Service
Site Visit and Energy Assessment
  • Over the phone or email advice for your building
  • Referral to relevant recommendations
  • Information dissemination to customers and design teams
  • No application necessary
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The first level is an initial consultation to inform individuals and organizations about the Smart Energy Design Assistance Program opportunity and to answer energy efficiency-related technical questions, as well as to assess the need for additional program services. Initial consultations may be conducted in one-on-one meetings, presentations, telephone calls, e-mails, and other correspondence. Under Level 1, SEDAC works with any business, organization, or public sector entity regardless of size or level of activity.

Questions? Our toll free number at SEDAC is 800.214.7954.

Site Visit and Energy Assessment
  • Energy bill analyses
  • Site inspection with energy savings recommendations
  • Design review with energy savings recommendations
  • Requires you to submit an application
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Energy assessments for an existing facility may include a site visit and consultation. Plans for new construction or major renovation of existing facilities may receive design review during the design process with recommendations for increased efficiency. A list of energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs) that the facility should consider will be provided, as well as information on incentives and grants available for the building. SEDAC staff and the participant can determine any needs for further program services.

Upon application to the program, SEDAC will require twelve months of utility bills and architectural plans of the building, if applicable. SEDAC will work to meet the needs of applicants who have time constraints for new construction or renovations but are serious about implementing SEDAC's energy recommendations.

Questions? Our toll free number at SEDAC is 800.214.7954.

Detailed Design

For some larger or more complex buildings, SEDAC conducts a more in-depth analysis, which expands on the second level procedures and includes:

  • Software energy simulation
  • In-depth energy savings analysis
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Life Cycle Cost analysis
  • Requires you to submit an application
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This level involves a more in-depth analysis and includes a life cycle cost analysis to identify specific cost effective energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs) and potential savings. This Level of assistance requires four steps:

  1. Energy simulation modeling of the facility
  2. An ECRM evaluation
  3. A Life Cycle Cost analysis that identifies specific ECRMs and potential savings
  4. A final feasibility report to the client .

Major energy-consuming building components including the building envelope, lighting, heating, ventilating, and cooling systems will be examined. An evaluation will identify specific opportunities for taking advantage of energy efficient technologies and building design techniques. Assessment includes results and analyses that employ energy simulation software. A cost-benefit analysis for upgrades will prioritize the ECRMs identified.

Applicants are asked to review their likelihood of implementing recommendations prior to applying.  SEDAC requests that all measures with a return on investment of 15 percent or greater be seriously considered for implementation by the client.  Clients with more than one facility and who have indicated that they are willing to implement recommendations may request that additional buildings be assessed.

Questions? Our toll free number at SEDAC is 800.214.7954.

Implementation Assistance
  • Follow-up and in-the-field support
  • Overcome technical and knowledge barriers
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Support is provided for the implementation of recommended energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs), which may include help finding alternative financing assistance, bid process support, further technical assistance, and field support. Project representatives will include engineers, architects, and design experts skilled in designing and implementing energy efficient construction techniques. These experts can review bid documents, complete, update, and/or review life cycle cost analyses, and provide assistance with a variety of design and other project documents. This follow-up support is an important element of the SEDAC program since the ultimate goal is to install energy efficiency improvements and reduce energy consumption.

Questions? Our toll free number at SEDAC is 800.214.7954.

If you have questions about how energy efficiency can help your public sector operation, please contact us on our secure web form; via e-mail at; or by telephone at 800.214.7954.